Recreate Packaging 2014: Call for Entries

Stora Enso has issues the challenge for Recreate Packaging 2014. Can you up the game and submit something that has the appeal of Universal Design?

Increasing numbers of people today are constantly on the move and travelling around the world. Everyone has different needs when it comes to travelling. People like travelling to specific types of destinations - sometimes on their own, sometimes with others along- but there are always products that people will take with them, no matter where they are travelling to, both near and far.

In current packaging solutions, very little attention is paid to portability, lightness, and convenience of packaging from the point of view of travelling individuals. Stora Enso's packaging materials have the potential to exhibit these qualities and can replace plastics, aluminium, and glass to create attractive packaging solutions using renewable materials in various end uses.

Recreate conventional travel packaging - After all, we have chosen the name of this competition for a reason!

Using renewable packaging material, your challenge is to recreate travel packaging in order to make travelling easier, smarter and more responsible from a consumer's point of view.

Think of the 3 beauty and/or healthcare products that you consider most important to have with you while travelling. Your task is to design a packaging solution for these products that meets or even exceeds the performance and portability of present-day primary and secondary packaging.

Once you have chosen your 3 products, you as the designer(s) have free hands to create something extraordinarily innovative. Although the conventional functions of primary and secondary packaging are important to take into consideration, we are looking for travel packaging solutions that stand out from what we see and experience today.

Consider that the final solutions you submit can either be carried personally by the future consumer in their travel luggage or it can be delivered to the traveller's destination by an external party (e.g. online retailer). Therefore, it is essential to make sure that the packaging design secures its contents safely but is "smart" in a logistical sense. While designing your solutions, keep in mind technologies like NFC, RFID, QR codes, for instance.

Challenge the predictable. Push the boundaries. Surprise us!



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Recreate Packaging 2014: Call for Entries
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