Can You Assist the he National Disability Strategy NSW Implementation Plan 2012 - 2014?

A key Australian state government department of Family and Community Services has initiated a roject to identify issues around the supply and content of information egarding accessible toilet facilities. A little of the background is ffered to explain the project.

This project forms part of the The National Disability Strategy NSW
Implementation Plan 2012 - 2014 (NSW plan) which  enunciates NSW priorities
and key actions towards ensuring equality of rights and opportunities
reflected by access to mainstream services by people with disability in NSW.
The NSW plan identifies six key priority areas. This research project fits
under the first priority area; Inclusive and Accessible Communities.

Participation in society requires access to basic facilities such as parking
and toilets. Information provision in respect to accessible toilets has been
spasmodic with initiatives pursued by several disability organisations, the
Master Locksmith Association Key (MLAK) scheme and the National Continence
Management Strategy which offers a searchable database of facilities and
map. These information delivery systems are all seeking to foster
participation. However, too many examples exist where this information has
proved to be inadequate, incomplete, inaccurate and often just not available
to potential users. Our project brief is to consult with stakeholders and
seek to draw out the specific issues around the provision of accessible
toilet facilities. We would then synthesise these issues so as to offer
recommendations for a way forwards. 

I have been undertaking this process by calling organisations, speaking with
a representative and recording the conversation. I am hoping to gain an
international perspective by contacting you for your insights and hope you
will be able to direct me to organisations or information sources regarding
accessible toilet facilities.

The following questions will give you some idea as to the information I am


Is there a (or more than one) publicly accessible database of accessible

Is the database a National Government initiative? Expand.

Is the database a Local Government or public organisation initiative?

How is the information contained in the database accessed by the public?

Examples:       RADAR UK, National Key Scheme 


Purchase Guide, Key, iPhone App

Australia, The National Public Toilet Map  <>

Web based, free iPhone App.

What details are held on the database? Example.

Do they include accessibility details, baby and adult change facilities etc?

How is the data gathered and who or which organisation is responsible?

What issues are you aware of in respect to information provision of
accessible toilets?

A number of smart phone apps are available on iTunes and GooglePlay - do you
know of any others or any web based sources of accessible toilet

Thank you so much for your assistance in this project. I would hope that one
day we'll meet when you travel to Sydney and I can show you the accessible
sights, of which there are many!


Bruce Cameron

Director, Easy Access Australia

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