City of Helsinki Accesibility: SuRaKu - planning, constructing and maintaining

How can we plan, construct and maintain our streets, green areas and yards for accessibility? Practical guidelines were established in 2004 through cooperation involving the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Joensuu, Tampere, Turku and Vantaa. Working instructions were completed under the leadership of the Helsinki for All Project with the support of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The guidelines form the basis for the City of Helsinki Accessibility Plan. They are also freely available for use by other municipalities, corporations and planners. The guidelines contain criteria for evaluating the accessibility of outdoor locations and instruction cards for applying them.

Criteria for accessibility and the instruction cards (SuRaKu)

SuRaKu Instruction Cards:

  • 1 Pedestrian crossings and pavements (pdf) (doc)
  • 2 Pedestrian streets and squares (pdf) (doc)
  • 3 Differences in elevation (pdf) (doc)
  • 4 Public courtyards (pdf) (doc)
  • 5 Park paths and resting places (pdf) (doc)
  • 6 Public playgrounds (pdf) (doc)
  • 7 Public bus stop areas (pdf) (doc)
  • 8 Temporary traffic arrangements (pdf) (doc)

SuRaKu Accessibility Criteria:

  • 1 Kerbstones at pedestrian crossings (pdf)
  • 2 Outdoor staircases (pdf)
  • 3 Ramps (pdf)
  • 4 Guidance paving flags (pdf)
  • 5 Demarcation strips (pdf)
  • 6 Loading islands (pdf)
  • 7 Gutters and gullies (pdf)
  • 8 Walking surfaces (pdf)
  • 9 Pedestrian crossing markings (pdf)
  • 10 Handrails (pdf)
  • 11 Railings (pdf)
  • 12 Pedestrian push-buttons posts (pdf)
  • 13 Pedestrian crossing signs (pdf)
  • 14 Seating (pdf)
  • 15 Bollards in pedestrian zones (pdf)
  • 16 Pedestrian refuge islands (pdf)
  • 17 Tactile maps and information signboards (pdf)
  • 18 Warning areas (pdf)
  • Criteriatabels 1-18 (doc)

Mapping and evaluation guide for accessibility of outdoor locations (pdf, 8.7 Mb), guide cover (pdf, 547 Kb). The illustrated guide explains about pedestrian accessibility. It is suitable both as a check list and as study material (in Finnish).

SuRaKu stands for planning, constructing and maintaining. In Finnish that is suunnitella, rakentaa and kunnostaa.

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