This is What Disability Looks Like campaign - wants YOU!!!

From Bethany Stevens:

Fabulous people,

A few of us are starting a meme campaign featuring images of people with disabilities that do NOT pander to sentimentality, inspiration and/or paternalism like many memes that have circulated around social media of late - what is now being termed "inspirational porn." Please check out this fabulous piece about the problems with this memes by Stella Young -


Instead we want to feature the rich diversity of our disability communities - by showing what disability really looks like. Various disabilities, aspects of our culture, ages, etc. should be represented. No one is excluded from this project. For now the project will be featured on a Facebook fan page - but we can easily expand this into a website, a gallery show or something bigger with the right funding and community work!


Also, of note - you do NOT have to be tagged in these photos if you do not want to be. Just let us know! This is a community LOVE project for all of us to spread the word that disability is awesome, natural and not just a tool to make feel pity and social distance from us.


Ideally, full body shots would be good but not required. Space around the photo to add text is needed.


If you want a tag-line at the bottom of the photo -- please keep it short and concise. 3 words max. 


Email photos to

Please feel free to share your thoughts on what the project should entail or ask any questions! This is about all of us! Share this with your friends!!!

This is an example of what we are looking for.
This is what are NOT looking for.

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