Rolling Rains Travel Notes: South Africa


There seems to be a sort of archetypal response from many who see this picture of me - recoiling in fear and exclaiming, "You're brave!" 

Well, maybe but I don't consider this to have taken much bravery.

Or this

Hippos actually kill more humans than any other African animal.

That's only when you sneak up on them coming toward you on a trail however and they stampede.

What takes real courage is trusting yourself to human beings. Until all countries agree to provide their citizens, and thus their guests, with the rights laid out in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities it's going to be a safer bet hanging out with wild animals.


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Rolling Rains Travel Notes: South Africa
There seems to be a sort of archetypal response from many who see this picture of me - recoiling…