Emerging Giant - Big is Not Enough The Global Economics of Disability

From Emerging Giant -Big is Not Enough : The Global Economics of 


The World is Changing

Representing a population of 1.1 billion, people with 
disabilities(PWD) are making gains in the areas of education, 
employment, health and political representation.  A natural 
consequence of these changes is PWD gaining higher degrees  of 
influence and decision-making power as employees, consumers 
and taxpayers.  

Opportunity from Demographic Shifts

Since 1972, G10 economies have implemented equal rights laws 
that have created a legal platform for PWD to become equal 
members in society's institutions.  The most successful of these 
laws are in education.   The initial beneficiaries of these laws are 
now entering the workforce.
The demographics of an aging population  has  created a 'bulge' of 
the wealthiest generation in human history.  As Boomers' physical 
abilities change, their desire to remain active in society dovetails 
with the demands of PWD.  

The result  is three generations of skilled consumers  who have 
similar needs, evolved identities and significant spending power.  
Sectors  likely  to benefit from these changes are health care, 
consumer products, retail, financial services and the public sector.
Meshing Reality with Intention:
translate talk into budget & process.

Big is not enough.  

There exists very little research in the marketplace around how these consumers act relative to their disabilities.  Existing research focuses on medical condition, rather  than personal identity and common aspects that trigger buying 

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Emerging Giant - Big is Not Enough The Global Economics of Disability
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