Convaid Donates a Safari Tilt Wheelchair

For the past four years, Nessa House has had to carry her 136 lb disabled daughter around everywhere she goes because she cannot afford to buy her a quality wheelchair. Her 27-year-old daughter Nataysha was revoked from any state funded insurance, leaving her and her husband 100% responsible for all medical expenses. 

Although at first glance her daughter may look old enough to care for herself, she actually has the mental capacity of a nine-month-old baby. She suffers from severe classic Autism, cancer, has a seizure disorder, and is paralyzed from the waist down due to a misguided shot in her hip during a surgery, along with numerous other conditions. 

“Even though my daughter is no longer a child in the state’s eyes, she still functions like a small child and needs constant supervision,” House said. “And because the state of Tennessee doesn’t have proper funding options for disabled adults, the only thing I can do –which I have been doing for the past 25 years– is put her on the Department of Intellectual and Development Disabilities (DDID) waiver program with 16,000 other people in the hopes she will be granted with the medical services she needs.” 

While Nessa is currently appealing the state to get funded medical insurance for her daughter, she has turned to using towels and tape as diaper replacements and has had to cut back on Nataysha’s 19 medications until she can get proper medical funding, which she was told can take up to 6 years.

To help improve the quality of life for the House family, Convaid has donated a Safari Tilt Wheelchair to Nataysha. The Safari includes an extended range of tilt for feeding, stabilizing and comfort, along with a flat planar seat for solid support, making it possible for Nataysha to come off her ventilator and move onto the BIPAP machine. Nessa hopes in the next couple of years her daughter will no longer be dependent on a ventilator and be able to breathe on her own.

Convaid hopes this donation can help Nessa and her daughter start living a more enjoyable life.

“When we first heard about Nessa and her daughter, we felt because of the severity of the situation, we had to do something to help them,” said President of Convaid Chris Braun. “I know how hard it can be for a disabled adult to get the financial funding they need for medical expenses. Sadly, the state options aren’t always feasible for everyone. I hope our wheelchair donation will be the beginning of great things to come to this more than deserving family,” Braun concluded.

For more information on the company or products please or call 1-888-CONVAID. 

About Convaid:
Convaid specializes in a complete range of pediatric strollers, pediatric wheelchairs and adult wheelchairs. The special needs wheelchair product line has advanced design, seating and mobility combinations for a variety of special needs and physical disabilities. Many options & accessories equip the wheelchairs for rehab seating and advanced positioning with custom accuracy.

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