Call for Abstracts: Disability Studies: Critical Issues and Future Developments

Call for Abstracts: Disability Studies: Critical Issues and Future Developments

Edited by Matthew Wappett and Katrina Arndt


We are co-editing a collection of essays for  a book that provides an overview of the history and sociocultural context for the development of Disability Studies as a relevant and accepted field of scholarly inquiry, and then presents key essays that explore developing/current issues within the field of Disability Studies.  Our intent is to provide a retrospective and prospective look at the field of Disability Studies and provide space for the exploration of future directions in Disability Studies scholarship.  We anticipate that this text will be useful in introductory disability studies courses and specialized sociology, psychology, education, history, English, and other related social science and humanities disciplines that intersect with disability studies and issues of corporeal/embodied identity studies.


The book will be arranged thematically with short retrospective essays by leading scholars in Disability Studies; these retrospective essays will be paired with new, forward-thinking work by emerging authors and scholars in Disability Studies and related fields.  We are interested in a wide representation of authors including global perspectives and from other fields of study that intersect with Disability Studies. 


We currently are looking for essays that examine issues in the following areas:


·         Feminist perspectives on disability

·         The geography of disability

·         The intersection of disability, race, and poverty

·         Embodiment and disability

·         Historical and political discourses that inform contemporary disability theory


The timeline for completion of this project in 2012 is as follows:


·         Abstract submissions - January 23

·         Responses to all inquires - February 10

·         First drafts due - April 30

·         Feedback to authors - May 31

·         Final draft due - July 31


If you are interested in contributing please contact us via email at and (please include both of us in your reply).  Include an abstract of no more than 500 words describing your essay and how it addresses one of the themes of this text.


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