From Brazil, With Love - Tatiana Sartori Tells All

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By Tatiana SartoriSão Paulo, Brazil

In October I took 24-day trip to  Miami and Orlando, Florida. I had been there before, but it is always so nice to be back.

I just love this place. Love everything there; the warm weather, the fun parks and people smiling everywhere , the restaurants, lakes, and of course the shopping. There is a place where you can find anything you want. But, especially for me coming from Brazil, there one thing that I enjoy the most and even feel I little bit jealous, the ACESSIBILITY! 

Yes people, I consider everything there accessible, at least for someone in a wheelchair. I saw ramps everywhere, the buses were accessible, the parks, hotels. There was not a place where I could not go.

Maybe for people in wheelchair who were born in a place like this they may think that it´s not a big deal. But think about someone who lives a different reality.

Imagine you living in a wheelchair, not having a car, and the place where you live doesn´t have an accessible bus? It becmes almost impossible to leave the house, to work, and do other things. It is very sad. Well, but let´s go back to the trip.

This time we rented a very nice house so everyone could be accommodated with comfort and space. The good thing about renting a house is that you almost feel like you are at home. The bad thing is that you need to make your bed every day. You need to go to the supermarket to buy some food, but its fun and makes you feel like living in a different country for a while.

During my flight from Miami to Orlando the people from American Airlines very badly damaged one of my wheels. I realized that it would be impossible for me to use my wheelchair like that, so I went to the baggage claim and told them what happened. Fortunately, I was very well cared for by the American Airlines staff.They immediately put me in contact with a company called " Quest Mobility Solutions" that supports them in these situations. As soon as they contacted the Quest staff, I waited only 15 minutes for one of them meet me at the airport and check my wheels. I highly recommend their services because they were very efficient.

 Well, with the wheels were fixed let´s go have some fun!

This trip we went to three parks; Universal Studios, Island of Adventure and Magic Kingdom. It´s so exciting and so much fun to be there. People in wheelchairs can participate in all the attractions, even the rollercoaster. But I do not recommend it if you don´t have good strength in your upper body. Some activities you can do without transferring from your chair. For others you need to transfer. Right in the park entrance you find a map that provided very detailed iformation about all the attractions and whether you need to transfer from your chair.

While I was at the Island of Adventure Park I saw many children in wheelchairs, with different disabilities, been guided by monitors wearing t-shirts from "Miracle".  I thought that so interesting and looked over the internet to see what that´s about. Miracle Flights for Kids® is the nation's leading nonprofit health and welfare organization with a mission of helping families overcome financial obstacles by flying their seriously ill children to receive proper medical care and to get second opinions. It sounded like such a neat job and made me feel very glad to see those children having the opportunity to travel and have fun.

Well people, I suppose I could tell you just a little bit about my emotions and feelings during this trip. Perhaps I could tell a lot more, but the essence is here and you won´t get to tired to read it.

To wrap up my final message is, "People with disabilities, please don't be afraid to overcome the barriers of travelling to a different country. It's so exciting and we all, with no exceptions, have the right to do it. Let´s travel everyone." J






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