Foolishness in Malaysia -Designing in Exclusion as Boomers Age

From The Malaysian Insider:

The KLIA2 saga -- Rahman NordinSeptember 10, 2011
SEPT 10 -- I refer to the article on KLIA2 takes off today.

I was amazed to read that KLIA2 will be the first airport in Asia to
provide skybridge facilities and, most importantly, once completed will be
a major shopping hub for people around the world. The article described
how the RM2.8 billion airport will impress the world with its design and

However, I was surprised that MAHB has taken the liberty to exempt the
low-cost terminal from constructing aerobridges in KLIA2.

This clearly reflects how easy it is to compromise human value as opposed
to the tonnes of possible profits.

It is important to note that from the day MAHB announced the construction
of KLIA2 without aerobridge facilities, disabled advocates have been
making numerous statements, requests and protests to ensure MAHB takes the
necessary steps to ensure KLIA2 is equipped with aerobridges. An
aerobridge is an essential feature in a newly-built airport especially in
developing nation like Malaysia.

An aerobridge is not only pivotal given the state of Malaysia's weather
but many fail to acknowledge its importance for people with disabilities,
senior citizens, pregnant women, babies in prams and so on. It is total
unacceptable for the MAHB to allow such an exemption.

This is clearly a violation of basic human rights. The idea of building
such a costly airport and at the same time compromising on the safety of
passenger is unwise.

Many are of the view that an ambulift will be the solution for this heated
battle between disabled groups and MAHB. However, I am personally against
the idea of using an ambulift in KLIA2 due to the possible danger of using
the same.

In any event, since the disabled are paying for the flight and airport
services, it is only right for MAHB to cater to disabled passengers' need
and allow them to board the plane with dignity, without being carried in
and out of a plane.

I sincerely hope the plight of the disabled is taken seriously by MAHB and
the relevant authorities. KLIA2 without aerobridges is a step backward by
MAHB and is highly unacceptable!

* Rahman Nordin reads The Malaysian Insider.

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Foolishness in Malaysia -Designing in Exclusion as Boomers Age
From The Malaysian Insider:The KLIA2 saga -- Rahman NordinSeptember 10, 2011SEPT 10 -- I refer to the article on KLIA2 takes…
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