Designing for Dyslexia

Universal Design acknowledges that not all people can read print on paper. Some are print disabled when it comes to traditional books.That's why we have Braille, DAISY digital format, audio description, image description and other technologies.

What bout just king some simple changes that accommodate the millions of people with dyslexia through a simple change of font?

Enter Dyslexie typeface.

From the University of Twente:

This font is especially designed for people with dyslexia. When they use it, they make fewer errors whilst they are reading. It makes reading easier for them and it takes less effort.

The Dyslexia font is used by several schools, universities, speech therapists and remedial teachers. Independent research undertaken by the University of Twente, proved that the Dyslexia font improves reading results.

The study at the University of Twente showed  that people with dyslexia made fewer reading errors when they use the dyslexia font compared to using standard font. A part of the conclusion of this study is:

The people with dyslexia made fewer errors, than normal readers, on the EMT when using the font "Dyslexie". This is an indication that reading with the font "Dyslexie" decreases the amount of reading errors.

This study was performed with 21 people with dyslexia. The text was at university level. The research was completed by using the standard lists with words on the EMT and Klepel lists.


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