Call for Papers: 'Leisure, Tourism and Caregiving'

Asia & Latin America Journal: 

Special Issue on 'Leisure, Tourism and Caregiving' 

Call for papers

Population aging occurs at different rates in various regions of the world (Bloom & Canning, 2006; Myers, 1997). Bloom and Canning (2006) indicated that developing nations are expanding more rapidly than developed nations and are using more resources as life expectancy increases. In developed countries such as Australia and Canada, life expectancy is 78 years for men and 83 years for women, while life expectancy in Nigeria is 45 for men and 46 for women (World Health Organization Statistics, 2007).


With the aging population, individuals within society are now confronted with caregiving for their elders.  One area of caregiver's lives that is sacrificed is their personal leisure pursuits (e.g., Bedini, & Phoenix, 2004, Loucks-Atkinson, Kleiber & Williamson, 2006; Singleton, 2006). This observation has been generated in the literature from a North American and European industrial society perspective. The question arises how are the terms "leisure" and "caregiving" defined in countries such as Africa, Asia and Latin America? How does caregiving affect the individual's leisure and tourism pursuits?  


            Consequently, this special issue of 'Recreation and Society in Africa, Asia & Latin America' aims to provide a forum for expanding current understandings of the linkages between leisure, tourism, and caregiving and the implications of these links for wider society.

            The guest editors invite interested researchers to contribute theoretical and/or empirical papers related to the theme of this special issue. The topics of potential manuscripts include, but are not limited to: 

  • The role of caregiving in the construction of leisure and tourism environments and experiences.
  • What is the personal and or economic impact related to  caregivers on their leisure and tourism choices
  • The social and/or cultural construction of caregiving  in their society and this construction relates to their leisure and tourism experiences
  • The role of caregiving in the construction of cultural, sub-cultural and personal identities
  • The role of caregiving in the construction and/or deconstruction of gendered identities within their societies related to Leisure and Tourism.
  • The role of caregiving  and destination marketing in Africa, Asia and Latin America
  • Caregiving as a barrier/constraint to leisure and tourism opportunities as a potential area of interest for the special issue
  • What support do service providers and government agencies provide for the caregivers and how, in turn, do they affect, leisure and tourism opportunities?
  • How cultures affect the identity of caregiving and the terms of Leisure and Tourism?


Submission Guidelines

  1. In the first instance authors are invited to submit a 400 - 500 word abstract for consideration for the special issue. Selected authors will then be asked to produce a full paper based on their abstract for potential publication subject to a favourable review process.
  2. Electronic submissions should be sent by e-mail attachment to
  3. Ideally, abstracts and papers should be sent as Microsoft Word files using APA Sixth edition.
  4. Articles will be 5000-6000 words in length.
  5. Two independent assessors will anonymously review all submissions.


Important Dates:

Abstract deadline: 30th July 2011

Notification of acceptance of abstracts deadline:  11th August 2011

Submission of full paper deadline: 30 October 2011

Special issue publication: 2012

Email if you have any questions.


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