What is Delta Assist?: Are We Off the Ground Yet with Accessibility @Delta

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Jaunted likes Delta's new Delta Assist on Facebook. The site even has this foornote:

Disability Assistance
Call 1-404-209-3434
Customers with hearing or speech disabilities please: Dial 711.

Preliminary looks by web accessibility experts report no immediately apparent major design errors.*, ** Could it be that social media once again is fomenting a revolution?

What have your experiences been with Delta Assist? Does the site work with your AT? Is the service positive?


1. The "How Can We Help" heading does not <h2> heading tags (violates .22(d) )

2. The decorative image of header.jpg does not have a null Alt attribute (violates  .22(a) )

3. Form fields do not have explicit labeling (violates .22(n) ).  However, they are keyboard accessible. ~ TecAccess

From the Facebook page:

What is Delta Assist?

At Delta, we recognize that the airline industry has room for improvement. While our fliers are looking to social media to share feedback and find solutions, we're listening. Delta Assist, our customer service group, is committed to delivering these solutions in Facebook.

Why bring Delta Assist to Facebook?

We love our fans and appreciate your participation and feedback on our Facebook page. We've listened to feedback on the wall and wanted to give our customers a safe and secure forum for sharing comments and getting the support they deserve. The Delta Assist Facebook tab offers 24/7 support within the Facebook environment.

Delta already participates in conversations on the wall. Why would I use the Delta Assist Facebook tab?

Facebook is great for a lot of things. However, as a public environment, the Facebook wall is not optimally suited for one-on-one customer support, gathering detailed feedback or engaging in conversations with strong dialog. Unfortunately, brands do not have the ability to share private messages on Facebook. The Delta Assist tab provides users with the ability to share their feedback and support communications with Delta in private and with confidence.

What can I expect when I send a message via Delta Assist in Facebook?

When a community member sends a message to the Delta Assist team via Facebook, they will receive an on screen notification that their message has been sent and an automated email confirmation with a ticket number for future reference.

We will do our best to provide a timely response to all messages. Users should receive an email response to all messages within 24-72 hours. We're working in close partnership with all of the appropriate teams across the Delta organization to circulate feedback with key stakeholders and provide the best possible solutions. If you have follow-up questions or require real-time support, please be in touch (using the ticket number provided) via this tab, on Twitter or by phone at (800) 221-1212.

If you need real-time support, please contact us on Twitter or by phone at (800) 221-1212.

Will Delta Assist in Facebook ask me to provide personal information?

Delta Assist has been built to provide as much privacy as possible within the limits of social media. We will never ask for anyone's personal information in public. In order to deliver the best possible solutions, we will ask for your name, email address, Delta SkyMiles® number (when appropriate),the topic of your message and, if needed, your address. We will not share any of this information with anyone outside of the Delta organization or send customers any marketing messages they are not already registered to receive.

How can I share feedback on Delta Assist in Facebook?

We would love to hear your thoughts, ideas or feedback. Please use the Delta Assist tab and select the "other feedback" topic option. We built this tool for you, our fliers, and we're always looking to improve the Delta experience. We look forward to hearing from you!



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What is Delta Assist?: Are We Off the Ground Yet with Accessibility @Delta
Image via CrunchBaseJaunted likes Delta's new Delta Assist on Facebook. The site even has this foornote:FAQ'sDisability AssistanceCall 1-404-209-3434Customers with hearing…
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