UD Courses Through the IDeA Center

The IDeA Center is now offering the next two courses in its online continuing education program.

1) Core Courses II: Universal Design Principles & Practices

This course introduces universal design as part of the phenomenon of innovation. Universal design is viewed as an evolutionary process that functions within a social ecology that varies by industry. The readings introduce students to the most widely adopted definition of universal design through the construction of seven principles and associated guidelines. Additional readings reformulate the Principles of Universal Design for use in building and urban design and provides extensive best practice guidelines and examples of how those Principles can be applied. Additional articles describe how the process of innovation can be used to understand how to introduce universal design into the marketplace and how that process might play out differently in different industries, as well as provide more detailed case studies of noteworthy universal designs, the companies that produced them and the basis for their success.

ramp leading up to the front door of
a house2) Special Topic: Home Modifications (NEW)

This course introduces participants to the basic issues of home modification design and provides information and tools for delivering service using universal design guidelines. Common home modification needs and solutions will be presented and discussed through illustrations and several case study examples.

Registration is now open for both courses and will be available until March 23, 2011. Both courses begin March 28, 2011, are entirely online and continue for 4 weeks. Each course contains readings, a quiz, discussion board topics and a brief exercise. If you plan to take both courses, please register for each course individually. AIA members will receive 15 CEUs per course. 

Each course costs US$250.

For more information about the courses offered, please go here.

To register for the courses, please go here.

Please note that international participants can pay via credit card or money order.

If you have any questions, please contact Jordana Maisel (jlmaisel@buffalo.edu or 716.829.5902). 

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