On the "Compliance Approach": Inspiring Inclusive Change from the Top Down

Bill Forrester offers an insight into how progress will be made for travelers with disabilities by drawing from the intriguing story of Imo.


Why the Compliance approach to Inclusive Tourism will fail

Every act of imagination is the discovery of likenesses between two things which were thought unlike.

Jacob Bronowski

In Mexico, before the wheel was invented, gangs of slaves had to carry giant stones through the jungle and up the mountains, while their children pulled their toys on tiny rollers. The slaves made the toys, but for centuries failed to make the connection.

Peter Brook

A few years ago I has the pleasure of spending a couple of days with one of the foremost authorities on Corporate Leadership - Alistair Mant. The extract below is from his book Intelligent Leadership. The pursuit of the mainstreaming of Inclusive Tourism has to take a turn and concentrate on teaching organisations the significance of the sector from the top down, not from compliance up...

Imo the monkey has become famous over the years, originally as a result of Robert Ardrey's wonderful work of science popularisation, The Social Contract, first published in 1970.

Source: http://travability.travel/blogs/imo.html

Imo's innovations introduced change very slowly and "mainly amongst the young, and within families. The normal pattern was for the young to make the breakthrough, followed by their mothers, and then for new infants to copy their own mothers."

Bill may be describing the same narrative that runs through the Rolling Rains blog. Here we have noted that the innovation of Universal Design has permeated home design and family life as Vistability, Aging-in-Place, Livable Communities - even Inclusive Playgrounds. It as also impacted home-oriented professional certification standards with the Aging in Place Specialist designation of the NAHB.

Universal Design has "mom's seal of approval" and is what the kids are doing to the family homestead to help out the old folks. Hotels, resorts, airplanes, and other venues outside the ambit of home and family are still hostage to ideologies of sterile institutional design complete with "compliance thinking"

Bill Forrester summarizes, "The point of the story, for observers of human behaviour in organisations, is that the clever new ideas never penetrated to the powerful males at the top of the social hierarchy."

Where are the proper leverage pints to shift from mere compliance to inclusion-as-good-business-practice?
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