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Are you gluten intolerant or do you have Celiac Disease and want to travel? Here's a way to add Italy to your itinerary:

Everyone in Italy knows about celiac disease.  When you ask restaurant staff about 
gluten-free food, they automatically respond with the question "Do you have celiac 
disease?"  This is because all Italians are tested for celiac disease at an early age.  
The many who test positive receive great services: a monthly stipend from the 
government for gluten-free food PLUS extra vacation time to shop for and prepare 
gluten-free food!!  Also, the Associazione Italiana Celiachia (AIC), the Italian 
government and a few major Italian companies that sell gluten-free products have all 
worked to promote awareness and understanding of celiac disease.  As a result, 
restaurant owners, managers, chefs, and waiters are well-informed.

I'm a Professor of Italian in New York so I've lived in Italy and I travel to Italy a lot to 
do research and for meetings (our next professional meeting is this summer in 
Taormina, Sicily!). I usually write books and articles on Italian literature or musical 
adaptations of Dante's Commedia, but since my daughter Sara and I have gone 
gluten-free in the past few years (she has celiac and I have gluten neuropathy), I 
have started to write for a gluten-free audience.  Last year I wrote The Gluten-Free 
Guide to New York and this year I decided to write The Gluten-Free Guide to Italy.  

I decided to write the second book in part because while everyone in Italy knows 
about celiac disease, not many gluten-free travelers to Italy realize that! 

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