Deaf 411 provides information on Deaf culture. Here is an excerpt from their port on videophones:

The videophone is an essential appliance in a household where people use sign language. It has become part of our lifestyle allowing us to make "point to point" calls to other videophone users, and connect to any video relay service (VRS) where a communications assistant interprets the call between sign language and voice telephone users.

The Federal Communications Commission, a federal agency that has regulated VRS since 2002, states that "Because the conversation between the VRS user and the Communications Assistant (CA) flows much more quickly than with a text-based TRS call, VRS has become an enormously popular form of TRS [Telecommunications Relay Service]."

Continuous Changes In VRS Industry

The advent of video relay services is only a decade old and yet, so much has happened in this short time period. An average of 8 million VRS minutes is now generated per month according to the National Exchange Carrier Association (NECA), a membership association of U.S. local telephone companies.

There are now 10 certified VRS providers and 32 white label providers according to a recent FCC filing by ConvoVRS.


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Deaf 411 provides information on Deaf culture. Here is an excerpt from their port on videophones:The videophone is an…
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