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Britain-based Michael, Editor of Holidays in a Wheelchair, offers a new entry to the accessible travel network. His site focuses on disabled people sharing accessible and inaccessible travel experiences to help their peers. The six-month old web site offers wheelchair-friendly accommodation and services abroad. Learn more at



Veroniek Maat MSc shared the news of her new web site, Accessible Travel Netherlands, now on-line at The site provides wheelchair accessible travel reports and information about access to hotels and museums. Currently on-line are excellent articles, including a report on visiting the Rembrandt Museum. Contact Veroniek Maat MSc at



While Claire Baber lives outside London, she visits the city frequently where she uses a blend of wheelchair, scooter and crutches to get around. She recently launched her new blog, Access London. There she features disabled access information, reviews and interviews designed to help disabled people successfully navigate the legendary, site-packed city. Learn more at



Federico Angulo Director, of Mundo Accessible provides adapted transport in Barcelona, Spain.His service covers Barcelona Airport, Gerona and Reus, Costa Brava, Port Aventura, Andorra,city tours, etc. Visit or Contact Angulo at


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Global Access News Travel E-Zine
For years Marti has quietly been publishing quality tips on travel with a disability through Global Access News Travel E-ZineIf you…
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