Liz Scott: An Intimate Encounter of Travels with Pain

I encourage Rolling Rains readers to respond to Liz's post on Travels with Pain below.

A bit of background. Liz Scott is a travel writer with several excellent books to her name. This year was her first year addressing the SATH Congress. Liz lives - and travels - with chronic pain. The story below recounts intimately how pain and travel mixed on her return from the congress.

One further note. Liz is a neighbor. I did not attend SATH this year. I wish I had. If I had I can only image that we would have traveled together both directions and been support for each other. 

I owe my health to the quick response and level-headedness of Sherri Backstrom when several years go I very rapidly caught a blood infection on a speaking trip in Italy. Follow Liz's advice - and don't put your travel companions in difficult situations. Carry simple instructions about what to do in case of recurring medical issues that might flare up. Have an Emergency Contacts list with you. Pace yourself!

On Tuesday January 25, sometime in the late afternoon, I collapsed in a bathroom at Atlanta International Airport.

After a red-eye flight from California to Florida, an uncomfortable night spent not sleeping much inside a dirty motel room next door to a bunch of people having a drug party, a 4-day cruise on an enormous and confusing-to-navigate ship (ironically named theNavigator of the Seas),  SATH World Congress activities including 6+ hours spent sitting bolt upright in uncomfortable chairs, the stress associated with giving two speeches, an active in-port day on Cozumel, another night in the bad motel after sunburning myself on the beach in Ft. Lauderdale, and a coach-class flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta, it seemed that my body had had enough. While in the bathroom stall, a severe pain spike started up. At the sink, I got nauseous. Then my legs weakened and down I went onto the white tile floor.

I had not lost consciousness and was thinking rationally between massive spikes of pain. But after a couple of minutes, when somebody found me, I couldn't speak coherently. 


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