Tent Pole Events: ICAT April 2011, Taiwan

Eden Foundation in Taiwan giving the full effort to promote Accessible Tourism both in Taiwan and Asia Pacific region. 

From Eden:

Eden hosted its First International Conference on Accessible Tourism(ICAT) in May 2005 and was a successful start with distiguished guests from AP countries and the US. Dr. Scott Rains was one of our keynote speakers and become our good friend for promoting inclusion in tourism since then. Afterwards, "ICAT" became a biennial conference hosted by DPOs/ NPOs in AP region. After Bangkok (2007) and Singapore(2009), we are honoured o be the host again for ICAT 2011 in Taipei.

ICAT 2011 edm-english.jpg

"Tent Pole Events" is the phrase we are using to identify the many conferences springing up around the world that address Inclusive Tourism either directly or to a significant and sustained degree indirectly. The metaphor is to a tent being raised with supports scattered around the world. The tent is a space of welcome where those who have long promoted opportunities for travelers with disabilities collaborate with those who are now signing on for the journey to inclusion:

INTUR Nov 2010, Spain, (annual)
SATH January 2011, USA, (annual)
ICAT April 2011, Taiwan, (biennial)
REATECH April 2011, Brazil (annual)
Pac Rim Conference April 2011, USA (annual)
i-CREATE July 2011, Thailand, (annual)
IIDI Oct 2011, Brazil, (follow-up to March 2010 in 
TRANSED Sept 2012, India, (biennial)
Interdependence 2012, May 2012, Canada
ENAT various dates in various EU locations

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Tent Pole Events: ICAT April 2011, Taiwan
Eden Foundation in Taiwan giving the full effort to promote Accessible Tourism both in Taiwan and Asia Pacific region. From…
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