Tent Pole Events: Interdependence, May 2012, Vancouver

Creating Accessible Communities is the section of Interdependence 2012 that will focus on Inclusive Tourism:

 The accessibility agenda of the program, led by the Rick Hansen Foundation (RHF), will provide a meaningful and practical forum for experts from around the world to share best practices, lessons learned, and to set the stage for international collaboration for the next 25 years.

The accessibility agenda will be centered on three global themes:

  •                        Accessible and inclusive tourism
  •                        Accessible transportation
  •                        Livable and accessible communities

The primary themes of the accessibility agenda will be explored under a number of cutting-edge streams, including:

  •                         Best Practices in Accessibility - The world has changed significantly since Rick Hansen began his journey 25 years ago. This stream will showcase people, programs and partnerships from around the world that have made a positive impact in the field of physical accessibility, offering an opportunity to learn from the successes and challenges experienced along the way.

  •                         UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Article 9) - The Convention marked an important paradigm shift in attitudes and approaches to persons with disabilities, and the right to accessibility around the world. Delegates will discuss practical measures for the implementation and fulfillment of the Right to Accessibility as outlined in Article 9 of the Convention.

  •                        Legacies of Major International Multi-Sport Events- This stream will explore how we can learn from the experiences of Games' organizing committees and host cities to move the accessibility agenda forward on a global scale.

  •                        International Standards and Rating Systems - Accessibility standards and guidelines vary greatly from country to country and many accessibility rating tools exist around the world. This stream will explore the challenges and opportunities of standardization, share models from both developed and developing countries, and work towards improved international collaboration on the global quest to better serve citizens with disabilities and the aging population.

  •                        The Next 25 Years - This stream will explore emerging trends in the field of physical accessibility around the world, setting the stage for international collaboration for the next 25 years. 

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"Tent Pole Events" is the phrase we are using to identify the many conferences springing up around the world that address Inclusive Tourism either directly or to a significant and sustained degree indirectly. The metaphor is to a tent being raised with supports scattered around the world. The tent is a space of welcome where those who have long promoted opportunities for travelers with disabilities collaborate with those who are now signing on for the journey to inclusion:

Valladoilid Nov 2010, Spain
SATH January 2011, USA, (annual)
ICAT April 2011, Taiwan, (biennial)
REATECH April 2011, Brazil (annual)
i-CREATE July 2011, Thailand, (annual)
IIDI Oct 2011, Brazil, (follow-up to March 2010 in 
TRANSED Sept 2012, India, (biennial)
Interdependence May 2012, Canada
ENAT various dates in various EU location

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