Notes from MIUSA: Anne Reuss in Italy

"No Means Try Harder": Blogging from Italy

Anne Reuss made international exchange work for her even though she
initially was not sure it was possible. "Studying abroad was just a small
thought that would surface once in a while. I saw charming pictures of the
green rolling hills of Ireland and the leaning tower of Pisa in Rome. I
repressed the thought of myself in another country because I assumed it
wouldn't be plausible for me to get an English/American Sign Language
interpreter in a different country....I had a revelation: I wanted to go to
Europe. Simple as that. One of my personal mantras is: 'No means try

Reuss ended up studying Italian and Italian Sign Language in Verona, Italy.
Her imagery-filled blog recounts some of her highest and lowest moments. To
discover what it's like to think in four languages and learn helpful tips
for navigating the classroom and country, visit Verona Visivamente:

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