Call for Participation of PwD by Government of New Zealand

Have your say on international disabilities report

By Tariana Turia

The Minister for Disability Issues, Hon Tariana Turia, is inviting public
comment on a draft government report on the Convention on the Rights of
Persons with Disabilities. The Government is required to report to the
United Nations on how the Convention is being implemented in New Zealand.

"This is the first time New Zealand has reported to the United Nations about
the Convention. I am very keen for disabled people and their families to
have the opportunity to have input into this report" said Minister Turia.

From 3 November 2010 through to 17 December 2010 the Government is seeking
public input into this report through face-to-face meetings, online
discussion and written submissions.

New Zealand was a leader in getting the UN Convention negotiated, and is
committed to ensuring that the rights of disabled people are met. New
Zealand ratified the Convention in September 2008.

The first report will act as a baseline for future reporting to the UN, and
will inform government's priorities for progressive realisation of disabled
people's rights.

"We want to have a report that paints a realistic picture of disabled
people's experience today, and which can be used to promote, protect and
monitor the rights of disabled people," said Mrs Turia.

For further information: contact Lisa Mulitalo on 021 220 0886

2010 draft report - Have your say

From 3 November to 17 December 2010, a draft report on New Zealand's
implementation of the Convention is available for public feedback.

On this site you will find:

a.. information about the consultation process
b.. some Frequently Asked Questions
c.. some questions that you might like to consider
d.. New Zealand's draft Report to the United Nations (in the Library)
e.. a short discussion document (in the Library)
f.. background information (in the Key Links).
How you can have your say

You can comment on any or all of the following; full draft Report, relevant
sections, the discussion document and the questions. You can do this as an
individual or as part of a group.

You can provide your comments by:

a.. attending a meeting
b.. sending feedback to the Office for Disability Issues
c.. participating in the online discussions on Bang the Table.
What this Report is about

New Zealand's first report on implementation of the Convention is now due.
The final Report will be submitted to the United Nations in March 2011.

This is the first time New Zealand has had to report to the United Nations
about how well it is implementing the Convention. It is a baseline report,
which means future reports will be compared against it.

The Report has information in it about our laws and if they work well for
disabled people. It tells the United Nations how well disabled people are
doing compared to other New Zealanders and if they are treated fairly or
less well because of their disability. It also tells the United Nations what
the New Zealand Government has been doing to improve this, and what it plans
to do.

For a copy of the report, discussion and meeting timetable:


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