Call for Papers on Universal Design in Play, Sport, and Travel

The April 2011 issue of Design for All India will explore the issues covered in Article 30 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - leisure activities such as play, sports, and travel. Scott Rains will edit this issue.

benchmark games cover.jpg regularly covers Universal Design and travel. In the areas of play and sports innovative thinking around the broader contents of CRPD Article 30 is arising from events like Ingrid 
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Kanic's Inclusive Play Symposium and works such as Simon Darcy's book Benchmark GamesIn this issue we are looking to highlight new voices with new solutions.

Design for All India features articles that apply Universal Design to concrete design problems whether that is in relation to products, space, or policies. Successful submissions will be stories of projects or work-in-progress around the world, detailed descriptions of products designed to be usable by the broadest range of people under the widest circumstances, and case studies documenting the human impact of the adoption of Universal Design in leisure activities.

Examine the text of Article 30 below to develop an article idea to submit. Article proposals are due December 15, 2010. Send the to Scott Rains - Articles are due January 15, 2011. Photos and explanatory graphics are encouraged in this digital publication.

Possible questions to address consider when shaping your article:

    • What is the role of play in human development? In leisure throughout the lifespan?
    • What products, environments, or policies exist to enable play as a path in the development or post-disability rehabilitation of persons with disabilities?
    • What can be learned from major sporting events about the inclusion of persons with disabilities both as athletes and spectators? 
    • What have been the impacts of accessible infrastructure and inclusive business practice legacies in areas where major sporting events have taken place?
    • Are there inclusive design practices used in museums, libraries or theaters that have applicability in other settings? In parks, botanical gardens, historical or environmental patrimony sites?
    • Has the application of Universal Design by the travel and hospitality industry revealed new positive consequences to Universal Design? Shortcomings in its formulation, articulation, or practice?
    • How applicable are these US Access Board's ADA Accessibility Guidelines standards in other countries?

Article 30 
Participation in cultural life, recreation, leisure and sport

1. States Parties recognize the right of persons with disabilities to take part on an equal basis with others in cultural life, and shall take all appropriate measures to ensure that persons with disabilities:

(a) Enjoy access to cultural materials in accessible formats;

(b) Enjoy access to television programmes, films, theatre and other cultural activities, in accessible formats;

(c) Enjoy access to places for cultural performances or services, such as theatres, museums, cinemas, libraries and tourism services, and, as far as possible, enjoy access to monuments and sites of national cultural importance.

2. States Parties shall take appropriate measures to enable persons with disabilities to have the opportunity to develop and utilize their creative, artistic and intellectual potential, not only for their own benefit, but also for the enrichment of society.

3. States Parties shall take all appropriate steps, in accordance with international law, to ensure that laws protecting intellectual property rights do not constitute an unreasonable or discriminatory barrier to access by persons with disabilities to cultural materials.

4. Persons with disabilities shall be entitled, on an equal basis with others, to recognition and support of their specific cultural and linguistic identity, including sign languages and deaf culture.

5. With a view to enabling persons with disabilities to participate on an equal basis with others in recreational, leisure and sporting activities, States Parties shall take appropriate measures:

(a) To encourage and promote the participation, to the fullest extent possible, of persons with disabilities in mainstream sporting activities at all levels;

(b) To ensure that persons with disabilities have an opportunity to organize, develop and participate in disability-specific sporting and recreational activities and, to this end, encourage the provision, on an equal basis with others, of appropriate instruction, training and resources;

(c) To ensure that persons with disabilities have access to sporting, recreational and tourism venues;

(d) To ensure that children with disabilities have equal access with other children to participation in play, recreation and leisure and sporting activities, including those activities in the school system;

(e) To ensure that persons with disabilities have access to services from those involved in the organization of recreational, tourism, leisure and sporting activities.

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