World Association of Sign Language Interpreters (WASLI) Call for Papers


Dr Steven Collins and Dr Risa Shaw have agreed to serve as the WASLI 2011 Scientific Committee* Co-Chairs.  Both work at Gallaudet University teaching Deaf and non-deaf interpreters in the Department of Interpretation.  We thank them for taking on this important volunteer week for WASLI.  Together with several committee members from around the world, they will assess the presentation proposals and plan a great conference for you! 

At the conclusion of the conference, Dr Steven Collins and Mary Thumann will produce the conference proceedings and you will be able to order that from the WASLI website.

So check out the Call below and consider putting in a proposal.  This conference will also see a new programme feature - that of poster sessions.  The Call for Papers/Posters is also available in International Sign. 

We welcome your submissions to be part of the WASLI 2011 conference program.


The WASLI 2011 Scientific Committee is seeking submissions for papers to be presented at the 2011 WASLI conference. We invite a wide variety of topics, formats, and presenters from around the world and with various backgrounds. The conference encourages the sharing of ideas for collaboration across countries, cultures, and languages from consumers, practitioners, educators, and researchers. Our aim is to put together a slate of presentations that reflect the diversity of the world in which we live. 

This Call invites proposals for papers and posters to be presented at the conference. Thematic areas include (but are not limited to):

  • Deaf peoples' experience with interpreters and interpreter education and research
  • Local ways of promoting education, certification, consumer knowledge and involvement
  • How we teach and here is what we do in our areas
  • Innovative and new ideas, work in progress
  • Ethics
  • Mentoring
  • Resources
  • Developing the field of interpreting worldwide
  • Collaborative work
  • Development of interpreting, research, and practices for interpreting and teaching,
  • Emerging practices and research
  • Deaf and hearing team interpreters
  • Deaf Interpreters and researchers

 Please note that all areas apply to Deaf and hearing interpreters, Deaf and hearing educators and Deaf and hearing researchers. We do not make a distinction or separation of Deaf and hearing people in any area. However, we do encourage presentations and posters that focus specifically on Deaf interpreters, educators, students, and research.

Length of papers to be given at the conference: Length of presentations will be 30 minutes. This time includes questions and answers. Papers may include video clips to show examples.

Format for posters: Posters will be displayed in a common area for attendees to view. Posters are to be designed so that they will be displayed for the conference participants to view during the day. Poster presentations will not be interactive except during lunch time and after the presentations are over for the day. We encourage posters that include video clips for display as well as print and encourage DVD and paper handouts.

The official conference languages are International Sign and spoken English. All presenters who use a different signed or spoken language will need to supply their own interpreter.

Presenters will need to register for the conference. There is no waiver of conference fees.


Papers and posters require the following information in the proposal:

  • Proposal Information Form obtainable here (Word)
  • Name of presenter(s) & affiliation(s) & country(s)
  • Brief CV for each presenter (maximum 1 minute video of yourself or 1 page per person)
  • Contact details for first author for correspondence
  • Title of presentation
  • Language of presentation
  • Abstract - in your signed language or International Sign (2 minute maximum video) OR written English (500-word maximum, one-page, unreduced)

Proposals should be submitted in International Sign as a Quicktime file (when possible sent as an email attachment) OR in written English in a Word document (when possible sent as an email attachment). Electronic submissions are preferred, although other alternatives for submission are provided (see address and fax number below).

DEADLINE: Proposals for presentations and posters must be received electronically or postmarked by 15 September 2010. 


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