Places On The Edge - Saving Coastal And Freshwater Destinations


Changemakers has launched, together with National Geographic and Multilateral Investment Fund (BID/Fomin),  the third edition of the Geo-tourism Challenge in search for innovative challenges for touristic destinations. This new competition focuses on those innovations that protect the environment and that strengthen the patrimony and the sustainability of the communities which are located on the coastal, fluvial and insular areas.  

The 2010 Geotourism Challenge -  Places On The Edge - Saving Coastal And Freshwater Destinations looks for sustainable models of organizations of all sizes, individuals and corporations around the world that improve, instead of degrading, the unique character and the beauty of the oceans, rivers, bays, estuaries, courses of the rives, as well as the culture and the patrimony of its inhabitants.  

Given that your organization has participated from other Geo-tourism competitions, we would like to re-enforce this invitation so you can be part of this new competition. We suggest that you adjust your inscription to the issue of this particular challenge in order to increase the possibilities of winning the final price of US$5000 and to take advantage of the benefits offered by the Changemakers community.

On the other hand, this year we also count with the Opportunity of the Multilateral Investment Fund, by means of which a total of US$5 million will be destined to co-financing for those organizations that inscribe themselves in the challenge with innovative ideas for the sustainable management of small and medium firms in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The inscription period is until December 1st 2010, however, we suggest that you send your application before October 20th in order to participate of the early application price, which consists of for each of the two winners.

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