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Survey Deadline - Friday 16 July

In October 2009, the Cultural Ministers Council of all nine state, territory and federal arts ministers, released the National Arts and Disability Strategy. The Strategy addresses the rights of people with a disability to have access to, and full participation in, arts and cultural activities in Australia.

The National Arts and Disability Strategy was developed by the Cultural Ministers Council after a national public consultation process with over 100 responses in addition to input from peak bodies including Arts Access Australia.

The Ministers have agreed on four priority areas for action. These are:

- Addressing barriers to access and participation; 
- Supporting artistic and cultural practice amongst those with a disability;
- Developing audiences for disability arts companies and individual artists; and 
- Improving policy development and planning within governments. 

The Strategy is also intended to align with the:

- National Disability Strategy 
- Fourth National Mental Health Plan 
- National Mental Health and Disability Employment Strategy 

In addition, in 2010, Australia is developing its first national arts curriculum.

To read the full document in a range of formats follow this link to the Cultural Ministers Council web page: 


Now what?

Now that the Strategy has been created it is vital that you share your views on the most important priorities for governments to strengthen, fund and support.

We have created the survey below for the purpose of collecting your response to priorities outlined in the document and so that you can let the government know what you want this Strategy to do for you.

Who Should Fill in the Survey?
- Artists 
- People with a disability, mental health issue or who are deaf 
- Art and cultural workers 
- Art and cultural organisations 
- Disability organisations 
- Mental Health organisations 
- Ageing organisations 
- Employment services 
- Community organisations 
- Families and carers 

If you can spend a little time (15 mins) filling out the survey Arts Access Australia and our state and territory members will be better able to support you and provide government with your ideas and comments.

If you would like to receive this survey in an alternative format or record your responses via an interview, please contact Arts Access Victoria at info@artsaccess.com.au or phone 03 9699 8299.

Click here to commence the Surveyhttp://www.surveymonkey.com/NADS

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