European Commission: Passenger Rights in the Air


News from Eleanor Lisney:

Passengers will enjoy easier access to information about their rights when travelling by rail or air thanks to a Europe-wide publicity campaign in 23 languages launched by the European Commission today.

Posters reminding people of their rights will be displayed in airports and train stations in all Member States starting today in time for the beginning of the holiday season. Travellers will also be able to consult free leaflets and a specially designed website in all of the European Union's official languages.

But lastly, some good news - finally EU legislation now says that:

Under EU legislation people with disabilities and/or reduced mobility are protected from being discriminated against during reservation and boarding. They are also entitled to receive assistance at airports (on departure, on arrival and in transit) and on board airplanes. In order to facilitate the provision of assistance, it is recommended to pre-notify your needs.

Incidents such as where wheelchair travellers were not allowed to board should not happen any more! This was so worrying for many wheelchair users are independent travellers.


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