Leadership from ENAT: European Award for Accessible Cities


Map of EuropeA new European Award for Accessible Cities has been launched by the European Commission, aiming to promote accessibility for people with disabilities in four areas:

  • the built environment and public spaces,
  • transport and related infrastructures,
  • information and communication, including Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and
  • public facilities and services.

The four finalists of the European competition will be invited to attend the award ceremony that will take place in Brussels on 2 and 3 December 2010 at the European Day of People with Disabilities conference. The winner of the European competition will receive the 'European Award for Accessible Cities 2011' and will feature prominently in activities to promote accessibility at European level during 2011.

In addition, a special 'European Champion for Accessible Cities' award will be made to recognise the work of a network of cities or initiatives.

Accessibility is a broad concept that addresses the removal and prevention of barriers that cause problems for persons with disabilities in using products, services and infrastructures on equal terms as those without disabilities.

Accessibility to the built infrastructure, transport, services and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) is essential for people with disabilities to be able to exercise their rights and participate fully in society. This includes the right to education, to engage in work, citizens rights related to voting, access to documents, and freedom of movement as well as access to leisure and cultural facilities (libraries, museums, theatres, cultural centres, concert halls, hotels, restaurants, etc.) Accessibility is also a fundamental part of the social sustainability of the urban environment.

More information about the awards will be made available shortly on theEuropean Commission's website.

You can already indicate your interest in the award and register to receive further information as it becomes available by sending your contact details to the EU Accessible Cities Award management team.


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Leadership from ENAT: European Award for Accessible Cities
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