Accessible Formats for Books in Brazil: Action Underway

Brazil's Ministry of Culture will be awarding R $ 1 million for production, 
diffusion and distribution projects involving books in accessible formats 

The Culture Ministry reported in the Official Gazette (Section 3, pages 9, 
10:11), the Invitation for Promotion of Production, Dissemination and 
Distribution of Books in Accessible Format soliciting private and non-profit sector partnerships. 

Registration closes on July 22. 

 R $ 1 million w
ill be invested in projects that promote 
production, dissemination and distribution of books in accessible 
format for people with visual impairment, ie 
books converted by means of specialized techniques of 
adaptation, which provide description or narration of 
possible graphical representations present in the work, in 
Daisy format, Braille, talking book (or 
synthesized human voice 
) or other format that allows access to content for
all people, primarily those with 
visual impairment. Textbooks are excepted

According to the IBGE (Census 2000), Brazil has 
2.5 million people who are blind severely visually impaired. 

Recent research from the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) 
commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, revealed that 
only 9% of municipal public libraries have a
Braille section. During the past year, the
Directory of Intellectual Rights of the Secretariat of 
Cultural Policy (SPC / MinC), together with the 
Board Book, Reading and Literature, the Department 
Institutional Articulation (SAI / MinC), held a 
series of meetings with associations representing 
visually impaired persons and persons who work with 
production of accessible books and found a lack of 
literary works available in formats accessible to 
blind or have low vision. 

"The democratization of access to the book also includes the 
need for the provision of accessible formats. Therefore 
the edicts of the Ministry of Culture, in the area of book 
and reading, have contemplated the need for these books 
formats, "said the director of the Book, Reading and 
Literature SAI / MinC, Fabiano dos Santos PiúbaThe 
Director of Intellectual Rights of SPC / MinC, Mark 
Alves de Souza, adding that "it is possible to increase 
without demand to invest also in structures 
production and distribution of books, ensuring 
decentralized network and considering the peculiarities 
regional. " 

Categories of Notice 

In Class I - Infrastructure for the production of books 
accessible format will be selected at least three 
proposals up to $ 160 000 each. Resources 
can be used to create a center 
production of books in accessible format or its expansion. 
The books will be distributed exclusively to 
visually impaired people or entities that they 
meet (associations, libraries, etc.). 

The second category, focused on the production and distribution 
these books, will address adaptation projects and 
reproduction of books that should be distributed 
free to the public served by the institution. 
Will be selected at least two proposals, the value 
maximum of $ 200 000 each. 

The third category of the announcement is aimed at training 
and dissemination, being selected at least two 
initiatives and a maximum of $ 60,000 each. The 
projects may be training (through courses, 
trainings and other activities aimed at transcription, 
adaptation operation of programs and equipment 
involving the production and reproduction of books in format 
accessible) and diffusion (of information about books 
accessible, producing entities, existing collections or 
successful practices in this sphere). 

Entries must be made by email and 
all documentation must be sent by post. 
The selection of projects will be undertaken by a committee. After 
disseminating the results of each stage of selection, 
tenderer shall within five working days to lodge 
appeal. The result will be published in the Official Gazette 
Union and the site, and total 
responsibility of the bidder to follow update 
information on both. 

Other initiatives to support accessibility 

Until the 15th of June, the Ministry of Culture 
Bidding is to Culture More to Support Libraries 
open. In this announcement, only the request at all 
categories from a minimum percentage of the book accessible 
there is a specific category for the segment, facing 
supporting libraries accessible. Will be invested R $ 85 
thousand for each project, totaling 30. The value may 
be applied to purchase and collection of equipment and 
furniture for people with disabilities; 
employee training designed to improve the 
management and the care and services offered to users 
with disabilities; expansion or renovation of physical space, 
adapting it to people with special needs, and 
creation of socio-cultural programming. 

Along with the National Association for the Blind of Rio Grande do 
South (Acergs), MinC has developed the pilot project the  
National Network for Affordable Production of Books 
People with Visual Impairments. The project includes the 
structuring of a production center for books in formats 
accessible and qualification of human resources for 
working on this production. Along with the Association 
Brazilian Assistance Visually Impaired (Lamarão) 
Project develops the inclusion in the world of culture through 
access to writing and reading Braille, which provides for 
purchase and adaptation of Braille typewriters and 
production of explanatory material to enable 15,000 
students to have access to the blind world of reading 
through Braille. 

Moreover, accessibility is also addressed by requiring that all 
work published in Portugal should be available by publishers for sale to consumers  in an accessible or digital format.

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