A "Chat" (Pechacha) on Rebuilding Haiti: A Call to Universal Design Specialists


Introduce Unversal Design thinking a your local pechaha:



Some cities have already events planned before or after the 20th that cannot be moved. Some cities are having problems finding locations, but we hope these cities will still link up for a short "hello!" as the PechaKucha WAVE goes around the world. They might hold a small party while watching the live stream and getting ready for their few minutes of fame on the WAVE! Please support them, and perhaps help them find locations - these events might turn into mini or even full blown PechaKucha's. You have two weeks left. That is plenty of time. We have gotten this far in two weeks - organizing an event should be easy :-) 


As we go around the world we are very keen to find presenters with experience and ideas that relate to the many issues facing Haiti. Help us find people in your city with expertise and experience that might help the reconstruction efforts. 

In New York Zach Lieberman and the Free Art and Technology (FAT) unit will present their brilliant EyeWriter project. This may find use in Haiti as we begin to understand the number of amputations and crush injuries that have left people are unable to write with their hands http://www.eyewriter.org

In Stockholm, 28-year-old Brazilian architect Filipe Balestre, having worked with Rem Koolhaas but now living in Sweden, is deeply involved in social projects will be presenting about participatory architecture in Rio de Janeiro and India. You get the idea! With over 2000 presentations being made and recorded on or around the 20th we are going to have one amazing database of information to refer to and build on!


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A "Chat" (Pechacha) on Rebuilding Haiti: A Call to Universal Design Specialists
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