Training on US Outdoor Access Guidelines: December 3 Webinar


Significant changes are underway in the US regarding basic outdoor accessibility. This is an area of disability rights advocacy that we strategically sidestepped in the 1970's to focus on what would become the ADA.

On December 3, the National Network of ADA Centers will host a webinar covering the Draft Final Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas recently released by the U.S. Access Board. There is a period of public comment through December 18. The registration information follows at the end of this message and with the attached registration forms.

Provisions have significantly changed between the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking in 2007 and the latest final draft issued October 19,2009.

Significant scoping and technical changes have been made regarding access to trails. There are also different technical provisions based on whether the surface is concrete, asphalt, boardwalk or an alternative loose-fill surface such as natural stone screenings and soil. The scoping requirements for picnic tables have significantly decreased, as have the technical provisions for outdoor benches. There are new requirements for documentation and notification to the Access Board when not all portions of a trail may be able to be made accessible.

Public comments can be viewed as they are submitted through  see


The US Access Board and the National Network of ADA Centers are pleased to announce that Registration is now available for the December 3rd Webinar titled:  "UNDERSTANDING THE DRAFT FINAL ACCESSIBILITY GUIDELINES FOR OUTDOOR DEVELOPED AREAS" The session will be held from 2:30pm-4:00pm Eastern

On October 19, 2009, the U.S. Access Board released draft final guidelines for trails, picnic and camping facilities, and beach access routes. Once finalized, these guidelines will apply to outdoor sites managed by the Federal government, including national parks and recreation areas covered by the Architectural Barriers Act. This webinar session will provide participants with the opportunity to better understand the draft guidelines. This session will also highlight how the conditions for exceptions apply to trails and beach access routes, review "outdoor constructed features", and discuss the requirements for outdoor recreation routes and beach access routes.

Registration for this initial program will be done via a paper registration process due to some technical problems with the On-Line Registration process.

Forms can be submitted by fax (312-413-1856) or email (   

The Series is provided at no cost.  Individuals who are seeking Continuing Education Recognition may incur a fee.  This session has been registered for AIA CES (Approved Course #ACCES1) and LA CES has been applied for.  The cost of receiving either AIA CES or LA CES is $25.00 each.   Certificates of Attendance will be issued at no charge.

Instructions for accessing the webinar program on December 3rd will be sent via email to registered individuals prior to the session.

Questions regarding the registration process or if you experience problems with the registration process can be addressed via email to or by telephone at 877-232-1990 (V/TTY).

Registration Form
December 3, 2009 Session

First Name: _______________________________
Last Name: _______________________________
Organization: _______________________________
Position/Title: _______________________________
Address Line 1: _______________________________
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Zip Code: _________
Email Address: _______________________________
Telephone Number: _____________________

Continuing Education Recognition

This course has been registered for the following professional education designation(s):

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Course # ACCES1 Landscape Architecture CES Applied For

The seminar is provided at no cost. However, continuing education recognition for the above designations is provided at an additional cost or $25.00 per person/per designation.

A Certificate of Attendance is provided at NO COST

Please check all that apply:
___ Certificate of Attendance No Charge
___ AIA CES $25.00
___ LA CES $25.00 (Applied For)
___ Total x $25.00 = _____

Credit card payment accepted (Visa/Mastercard) (Great Lakes ADA Center appears on Billing Statement)
Name on Card: ________________________
Card Number: ________________________
Expiration Date: ____________
CV code: ________________ (From back of card)
Billing Zip Code: ________________

OR Mail Check to: DBTAC-Great Lakes ADA Center, 1640 W Roosevelt Road, Room 405, Chicago, IL 60608 (CE Recognition will not be issued until Check is processed)

Fax Registration to: 312-413-1856
Email Registration to:

Questions Regarding the Registration Process call 877-232-1990 (V/TTY) or send a email to

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