Toronto: Creating Accessibility- Friendly Environments Forum


Tuesday, November 24th

Oakham Conference Facilities, Ryerson University
63 Gould Street, Toronto

You and co-workers will want to attend the Creating Accessibility-Friendly Environments Forum. Disability organizations, government and business come together to make the case for organizations to become "accessibility-friendly".

This forum will "open your eyes" to what each of us can do to better accommodate the seventeen per cent of Canadians with disabilities.

Presenters include Government of Ontario, Service Canada, Microsoft, Deloitte, Adobe plus representatives from the following disability associations: March of Dimes, Canadian Hearing Society, CNIB, Learning Disabilities Association of Canada.

Attendees to this forum will learn that creating accessible environments is easy, and is as much a responsibility of individuals as it is of governments and business organizations. In addition to distinguished presenters, there will be demonstrations and 'how-to'workshops.

  • This forum will help to overcome misunderstandings about barriers to those with disabilities, accommodations and what are assistive technology devices. Attendees will learn how to easily generate basic documents in MS Word, PowerPoint and PDF files so they can be accessible to those with disabilities.

An overview of the Forum

  • Governments, City of Toronto, federal, provincial will outline programs as they affect accessibility. The city of Ottawa will discuss their process to compliance for accessibility regulations under the Government of Ontario's Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

  • Vendors talk about accessibility and their product.

  • Disability associations talk about the 'business case' for organizations to create accessible environments. You talk about your 'clientele', with statistics, perhaps a profile and the financial benefits for organizations to remove barriers.

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