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Benefits of Sailing as a form of Recreational Therapy:

Social Interaction: Small environment/cockpit requiring close interaction. Helps counter physical and social boundaries and improves physical and emotional comfort in small spaces.

Teamwork: Team building and collaboration. Participants encouraged to actively crew the boat to the best of their ability. Participants must cooperate to assist in pulling the lines, wrapping them around the winches and securing them. Learn importance of cooperation for man-overboard procedure. Cooperative environment of everyone having a job on the boat.

Communication/Comprehension: Ability to listen to instructions and follow procedure. Communication required between crew and captain to identify and name potential hazards and to navigate.

Motor Skills/Coordination: Eye-hand coordination to hoist sail or pull lines. Balance when ambulating around the boat, using hand holds. Visual stimulation to watch for hazards, and align boat with object in distance/horizon while steering.

Confidence/Self-Esteem: Empowerment from sense of control while steering and maneuvering the boat as well as being part of team. Sense of accomplishment at facing fears and completing tasks

Environmental awareness: Appreciation of nature and waterways. Observation and interaction with wildlife including birds/fish/mammals. Understanding of effects of pollution on environment and species.

Relaxation: Reduced noise stimuli: primarily rhythmic sounds of waves lapping the hull and wind in sails. Rhythmic movement of boat is also comforting, yet heeling provides excitement.

Concentration/Focus: children with limited ability to sit still or concentrate are able to focus on tasks on boat and are visibly calmer, relaxed and focused. Ability increases to concentrate on task(s).

Adventure/Exploration/Imagination: Children dream of being explorers, pirates, etc. Opens up the world to them. Encourages imagination. International program and virtual programs provide opportunities to learn about faraway places.


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