J&K Deaf Tour Travel - Malaysia


Deaf tourism in Asia is making headway.

Here is an announcement from the most recent specialized tour operator to come to our attention:

Hello Deaf / HOH / CODA / Friends of the Deaf!


Planning a trip to Malaysia can be a daunting task. We have a whole range of tours & hotels here covering Malaysia & Borneo (Sabah). Start your search here and you may find a perfect plan for your holiday. Alternatively, contact us for a tailor made tour programme.

The tours listed here are specially designed to give you the real experience of each destination. Careful consideration has been taken into account to make the journey interesting and sometimes off the beaten track is included to make it surreal. If you need to make some adjustments to the programme, please give us the details when you send the enquiry. We are totally flexible!

Here is the first tour of our Deaf guides with two foreign tourists (2 Deaf from Philippines). Our experience with the local tours is noteworthy. Our deaf guides are locally based and well traveled around Malaysia, use ASL and BIM (Malaysian sign language). You can be assured of firsthand knowledge of the destination and you will get the best advice on your travel to Malaysia.

To know more about this tour, call us at KathyLimBK@gmail.com


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