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From the MIUSA Newsletter:

 U.S. Deaf-Blind Student Blogs about her Overseas Experiences

"Wednesday was spent at the University of Costa Rica, one of several public
universities in the country. In total there are about 200 students with
disabilities at the university level throughout the country, and yesterday
we met with about six of them. The blind girls I chatted with had accessible
cell phones like many of my friends in The States. The school provides them
with personal computers with programs like Magic, which is like ZoomText,
and JAWS. I must say, their philosophy is very progressive. I had expected
oppressive conditions and limited resources. True, they don't have the best
technology because some of it is just too expensive, but they have way more
than I had expected. Their attitudes, their outlooks, are similar to what
you find in the US. The students stressed the importance of full
integration, and they are all working on that goal."

Haben's blog includes her volunteer experience abroad in high school to
Mali, independent travel to Italy and Greece, family visits to Eritrea, and
this past summer's disability rights leadership exchange to Costa Rica.

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Source: MIUSA

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Haben's Travels
From the MIUSA Newsletter: U.S. Deaf-Blind Student Blogs about her Overseas Experiences"Wednesday was spent at the University of Costa Rica, one…
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