New Mobility Magazine Person of the Year 2009: Scott Rains

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Maybe it is just the approach of Halloween but there is something eerily similar to writing your own epitaph in announcing that one has been awarded a major prize.
From New Mobility magazine to Scott Rains:

We at New Mobility are impressed with your work as a one-man task force for inclusive tourism, as well as your commitment to freely sharing your travel experiences and accessibility findings.

 You are truly a citizen of the world, and you represent the disability community with integrity and good will.

 So let me be the first to congratulate you: We have named you New Mobility's Person of the Year for 2009!

 The essence of this honor is the cover story for our January issue, in which we will share with readers our reasons for choosing you, explore your various contributions and hopefully get to know you better as a person.

My advice to Rolling Rains readers working in the travel industry:

The January 2010 issue of New Mobility magazine seems like an excellent place to invest some of your advertising budget!

1 Comment

Hi Scott,

My sincere congratulations that the enormous work that you do in respect of travelling for disabled people is being recognised. I know that you have changed many people's lives with your work and this award is but a small recognition of what you have done up to now. Let us hope this is the first of many. Best wishes, Frank

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