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Receiving the following press release from United Cerebral Palsy I went straight to the Tips on Traveling with a Disabled Child section. Basic, sensible guidelines for a new parent.

Press Release:
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Washington, D.C. (September 23, 2009) - United Cerebral Palsy (UCP), today announced the launch of My Child Without Limits (, UCP's pioneering initiative that provides parents of children with disabilities an online resource with critical information that also connects parents to a vital social network of parents of newly diagnosed children ages 0 to 5.


The first realization that your child is going to face the many challenges and obstacles encountered by those who live with a developmental delay or disability can be a lonely, frightening and confusing time. Many parents who have been assisted by UCP have reported that finding the organization and receiving the information and advice our affiliates provide has been a very significant turning point for them.

My Child Without Limits is a place for parents worried that their child is not developing like other children, to find answers to their questions. It is a place where parents know they are not alone after their child has been diagnosed with a developmental delay or disability. The authoritative site and online community are designed to be resources for families and their caregivers and professionals.

The Web site provides access to accurate, user-friendly and relevant disability-related information, resource guides, and experts on early intervention and family support in three basic areas:

    * Understand - Help families answer the questions: What are Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy and Down Syndrome?

    * Plan - Provide guidance about where to go for early intervention services, treatments and therapies, assistive technologies, and expert direction and advice.

    * Act - Direct parents and caregivers to where they can explore issues surrounding disability awareness, advocacy and lifespan planning.

The community section of My Child Without Limits also offers a venue for parents to communicate with each other, ask questions of professionals and service providers, and receive support through the critical period of initial diagnosis.

"I can't think of a better way to reach parents of children with disabilities who are so desperately seeking credible information they can trust," said Stephen Bennett, President & CEO, United Cerebral Palsy, Inc.  "My Child Without Limits will be the one-stop shop for parents and professionals, and help children with disabilities start achieving a life without limits at an early age."

For more information, please visit today.

About United Cerebral Palsy

United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) was founded over 60 years ago by parents of children with cerebral palsy. Today UCP is a leading service provider for adults and children with disabilities. UCP's services reach over 176,000 adults and children every day through a network of over 100 affiliates in the United States, Canada, Scotland and Australia. The UCP National office, located in Washington DC, provides assistance to affiliates through marketing and communication services, programmatic support and an annual conference. UCP National also serves people with disabilities and their families through public policy and advocacy, the development of forward-thinking programs and the Life Without Limits initiative.


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My Child Without Limits
Receiving the following press release from United Cerebral Palsy I went straight to the Tips on Traveling with a Disabled…
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