Five Housing Design Trends in the US


 Will there be a rise in collaboration between professional organizing services and residential design professionals?

There are intriguing but unexplored Universal Design connections linking the two fields. As the partnership matures it will interact with the "new frugal" and "small is beautiful 2.0" trends to become a lifestyle trend affecting travel and hospitality.

Until the trend hits the news here are five predicted trends in residential design that contribute to the convergence:

  • Smaller and more practical
  • Emphasis on Community
  • Low-Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Smart homes
Under the first heading the author writes:

And universal design is gaining more prominence as baby boomers age. "Universal design principles can be incorporated very subtly," says Looney. "We're doing things like making the rise-and-run relationship of a staircase more gradual, or installing a wall oven with a side hinge instead of a bottom one." For the boomer market, especially, first-floor master bedrooms and laundry rooms promise to be more popular than ever. These configurations are certain to win out over single-story structures, primarily because of land costs. Moreover, the average lot size will shrink by 1,000 square feet in the next 10 years, according to NAHB research.
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