Rossetti Believes Hotels Should Aim Higher Than ADA Standards


Rosemarie Rossetti has done much to move knowledge of Universal Design into the construction industry. With her Universal Design Living Laboratory as a national demonstration home she is preparing will be a legacy for teaching by example:

Called the Universal Design Living Laboratory, Rossetti's home will be built with unobtrusive universal design, resource and energy efficient green-building methods, advanced automation technology, a healthy home construction approach and the design principles of feng shui. The goal is to earn LEED Gold status.

Recently she took the campaign over the finish line and into the hospitality industry:

Rossetti led a seminar on universal design at the Hospitality Design Exposition & Conference in Las Vegas earlier this year. Her message to hospitality designers at HD: You can do better. "ADA is a minimum," says Rossetti, "why don't we want the maximum?"

"Universal design is human centered," Rossetti explains. "It accommodates all people, of all ages and sizes. It's not about meeting requirements."

The full article will be posted at:

This article will also be published in the September 2009 printed version of Lodging Hospitality Magazine.

Here is a link to her handout from my Hospitality Design Expo presentation:

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