Call for Presentations: The Tenth Annual Multiple Perspectives on Access, Inclusion & Disability



Tenth Annual Multiple Perspectives on Access, Inclusion & Disability:
Future History

April 27 and 28, 2010
Held on the Ohio State University's Columbus Campus

CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS The Tenth Annual Multiple Perspectives
conference continues a decade of community exploration of disability
as an individual experience and social reality that cuts across typical
divisions of education & employment; scholarship & service; business &
government; race, gender & ethnicity.

Multiple Perspectives is celebrating its tenth anniversary and the
second decade of the ADA is coming to a close refreshed by amendments.
Such milestones are an opportunity to consider where we are, how we got
here and where we are going; an opportunity to step back from the
immediate demands of access and reflect on how access, Inclusion and
disability fit with our goals of social justice, diversity and

Traditionally Multiple Perspectives has offered quotes to assist in
framing proposals; "Future History" was chosen as this year's theme to
encourage this reflection by celebrating the themes of past conferences.
Below are the previous themes along with four quotes from past years;
please use one of these to frame their proposals

2001 - The Next Ten years
2002 - Disability in Context
2003 - Access by Design
2004 - Education, Citizenship, &
2005 - Reflecting On Sameness &
2006 - Personal Perspectives & Social
Impact: The Stories We Tell".
2007 - Rights, Responsibilities, and
Social Change
2008 - Looking Back & Thinking Ahead
2009 - Change, Challenge, &
2010 - Future History

Past programs and conference updates as they become available can be
found at:
To be on the mailing list for the conference, send e-mail to

Proposals are due November 7, 2009

Proposals may be submitted
* by e-mail as an attachment (Word, Word Perfect, TXT, or RTF
* to
* by Fax at 614-688-3665 (FAX)
* in the mail:
University ADA Coordinator's Office
1849 Cannon Drive
Columbus, OH 43210.

Proposals must include:
Names and (as appropriate) titles and institutions/employers for
each presenter.

Contact information (phone, mailing address, and e-mail) if
there is more than one presenter please indicate one individual as the
lead presenter.

Title of Presentation (12 words or less)
Short Description (30 words or less)
Full Description (700 words or less)
Please describe the content, focus and desired outcomes for the
presentation using these questions as a guide.
* What is the format of the presentation (Lecture, Panel,
Discussion, Poster, Performance, Other)?
* What are your three main goals for the presentation?
* What will your participants learn?
* Who is the intended audience (educators, employers, businesses,
advocates, students, consumers, researchers, or other)?
* How familiar should the audience be with the topic (beginner,
intermediate, advanced)?

Please Note:
The full conference fees will be waived and lunch provided for
presenters of accepted proposals. Presenters are responsible for their
own travel and lodging.

L. Scott Lissner, University ADA Coordinator
Office Of The Provost, The Ohio State University
1849 Cannon Drive
Columbus, OH 43210-1266
(614) 292-6207(v); (614) 688-8605(tty)
(614) 688-3665(fax); Http:// <>

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