Inclusive Tourism: Participant/Observer Notes on the Global Paradigm Shift Toward Solutions

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Today a short Travelogue series will begin here at the Rolling Rains Report. Follow along here.

Scott Rains will address the conference "From Disability to Social Reinsertion" in Milan. His address, "Inclusive Tourism: Participant/Observer Notes on the Global Paradigm Shift Toward Solutions" on April 17 will be followed by participation in an April18 round table presentation on international policy regarding travel and disability.

Of course, the initial step will include a series of flights to get from California to Italy. So the reports begun today about airline on National Public Radio has a particular immediacy.

Especially noteworthy is National Public Radio's call for suggestions to include in an Airline Passenger's Bill of Rights.

I encourage readers to submit their suggestions and provide the radio network's reporters with suggestions on where they can research about travel with disabilities!

Follow along at the story "Creating a Passenger's Bill Rights"

From the NPR site on submitting suggestions for the Airline Passenger's Bill of Rights:

Resources To Get You Started

How To Participate

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