Call for Candidates: Create International Disability Rights Fund


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Do you have the "right stuff" to set up a global fund that will make the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) a reality? Can you pull your credentials together to make a convincing presentation by January 15, 2007. If so, read on and write to the Fund for Global Human Rights.

Request for Services: Consultant to create international disability rights fund

I. Introduction
The drafting and adoption of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) has spurred the maturation and globalization of the disability rights field. Disabled people’s organizations (DPOs) from all over the world have strengthened their advocacy efforts and infused their work with a human rights framework. The Convention, which could enter into force as early as 2007, offers unique opportunities and challenges, as the disability rights field seeks to build human rights capacity around state ratification, implementation and monitoring of the treaty. The birth of a new core UN human rights treaty (the first in a decade and the first this century) presents an opportune moment for funders to support a burgeoning and energized human rights constituency, and the advancement of the UN’s institutional framework for human rights standards.
To leverage this opportunity, several funders would like to explore the establishment of a funding mechanism to support country-level disability organizations using rights-based approaches to implement the principles embodied in the CRPD. The initiative would be a vehicle for funders interested in supporting international disability rights as part of their larger human rights or disability portfolios. The fund would be a unique opportunity, limited in scope and duration, to support a rights constituency advocating for the implementation of a UN human rights treaty. Such efforts may include explicit work to ratify, monitor and implement the CRPD and may also include more general awareness raising and empowerment projects. The ultimate goal would be to build the human rights capacity of DPOs around the world to support the rights articulated in the CRPD.
To establish such a fund, critical institutional decisions around grantmaking strategy, governance, and process must take place prior to the initiation of targeted donor investments.
II. Consultant position overview
To make such an initiative a reality, a consultant is needed to undertake three critical activities:

1) Investigate trends in the disability rights field and grantmaking community
Thorough research is needed to design the overarching funding strategies including regional foci. A consultant will investigate the leading trends in the disability rights field around the Convention, the challenges, opportunities and needs of organizations, and the role that private funders can best play. The consultant may begin to meet with disability organizations and experts in the field to understand the work within regions and organizations and their potential match with the fund’s objectives. Such research may require international travel. Concurrently, the individual will consult with potential donors to the fund on their grantmaking interests and priorities. The consultant will integrate this research into a donor strategy to identify grantmaking priorities that match donors’ interest and address the critical needs of the disability rights field around the implementation of the Convention.

2) Assess donor interest and market a potential fund
The consultant will reach out to international human rights funders as well as disability funders who may be interested in this international endeavor. Over the last several years, the Disability Rights Working Group of the International Human Rights Funders Group has held semi-annual meetings, helping to educate donors on the issue. Several donors have expressed interest in the idea of a fund and look forward to seeing the outcomes and structures that the consultant would develop. However, a dedicated individual is needed to educate funders about the potential of such a fund, address questions and concerns and incorporate potential funders’ ideas into the structure of the fund.

3) Design the fund’s operational structure, including identification of an institutional home
Simultaneous to the marketing of the fund, the consultant will determine the primary operational details of the Fund. The consultant will be asked to identify and assess potential institutional homes. While the Fund for Global Human Rights will serve as the home for this initial phase, it will not necessarily serve as the permanent home. Working with interested donors, the consultant will coordinate the decision making process around determining the fund’s structure such as the minimum subscription level for launch (possibly $3 million-$5 million), duration of the initiative, details of governance, funding guidelines, grantmaking process and grants management.

III. Statement of qualifications:
The ideal candidate should demonstrate the following qualifications:
· Passion and commitment to advancing the human rights of people with disabilities;
· Familiarity with the community of DPOs and the drafting of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;
· Knowledge of UN human rights systems and international human rights norms;
· Strategic vision for the development of a vibrant movement for the advancement the rights of persons with disabilities, including tackling multiple discrimination;
· Ability to drive and facilitate collaborative group decision-making processes;
· Experience in the field of grantmaking and/or demonstrated fundraising ability to attract donors to the fund;
· Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English. Other language proficiencies a plus;
· Ability to travel internationally, but based in the United States; and
· Self-directed with the ability to keep the project moving forward.

Compensation: Competitive, commensurate with experience.

Duration of assignment: Seeking full to half-time consultant for five to nine months (depending on time allocation) with the possibility of full-time employment if the fund is launched.

People with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

IV. Submission requirements:
· Cover letter expressing interest
· Resume of qualifications

V. Submission deadline: January 15, 2007

Please email or mail your materials to:
Fund for Global Human Rights
Attn: Jerusha Burnham
1634 “I” Street NW, Suite 1001
Washington, D.C. 20006 (no phone calls please)

We have tried to make this document accessible for persons with disabilities. If you would like this document in rich text format or Braille, please let us know.

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