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There appears to be space for a presenter on inclusive Travel at the Tennessee Disability Mega Conference.

2007 Conference May 31-June 2 Nashville Airport Marriott

What is the Mega Conference?

A coalition of more than 50 disability related organizations in Tennessee have come together to plan our 5th annual statewide disability MegaConference, to be held in Nashville from May 31- June 2, 2007. Our shared purpose in creating this conference is to strengthen our bonds and promote understanding as we move forward together, united in our desire for independence, choice and dignity for all people.

What topic areas will the conference address?

· Academics (e.g., early intervention, preschool, elementary, secondary, higher education, and adult skills training, inclusionary practices, etc)

· Access (e.g., to services, to programs, to buildings and to the physical environment, etc)

· Administrative/Management (e.g., supervision, administration, risk management, board development, fiscal responsibility, advisor role in self-advocacy movement, etc)

· Assistive Technology (e.g., augmentative/alternative communication, computers and software, environmental controls, adaptive equipment, seating and mobility, etc)

· Disability Specific (focuses on one or more aspects of a particular diagnosis)

· Employment (e.g., services, programs, strategies, self-employment, competitive and supportive, micro-enterprises, etc)

· Empowerment (e.g., person-centered thinking, self-directed supports, self-determination, self-advocacy and advocating for others, etc)

· Housing (e.g., home ownership options, rental options, affordability and accessibility, etc)

· Interactive (e.g. sessions that get participants involved in the presentation/activity)

· Quality Supports (e.g., facilitating independence, health and safety, nutrition, conflict resolution, respite care, quality of life issues, dignity and respect, etc)

· Recreation and Leisure (e.g., athletics, exercise, social activities and events, etc)

· Relationships/Sexuality (e.g., friendship, dating, and appropriate relationship behavior)

· Systems Change (e.g., grassroots organizing, legislative affairs, group advocacy, self-directed supports, inclusionary practices, etc)

Who can apply to be a presenter at the conference?

The conference will bring together a wide range of people. We encourage applications from all those with knowledge and expertise in any or all of the topic areas listed above. In addition we are seeking presentations that address new and innovative ideas for this year’s conference. Applications will be welcomed from individuals with and without disabilities and family members, volunteers, professionals and providers.

How will presenters be selected?

The Program Committee will accept call-for-presenter applications until the close of business on November 15, 2006. Presentations that reflect a collaborative effort between groups or individuals are especially encouraged. Applications will be selected according to a point scale. Points will be awarded according to the following criteria:

A. Special preference will be given to sessions that are interactive and/or geared toward people with disabilities as the target audience.


C. All sections of the application must be completed.

D. Subject matter adequately addresses one of the topic areas.

E. Presentation description is clearly written.

D. Learning objectives are clearly stated.

E. Session structure and organization are clearly defined.

F. Presenters have sufficient experience and knowledge of the subject matter.

What resources will be available to presenters?

· The program committee will consider proposals for 75-minute sessions. The program committee will select a limited number of proposals, so please make sure that you are available to present May 31, June 1, and June 2, 2007 and that you do not have a scheduling conflict if your proposal is selected.

· Presentation rooms will hold between 55-72 people, depending on space configuration.

· Presenters who are chosen will be granted complimentary admission to the conference for the day of their presentation(s), but will be responsible for their own meals, travel and lodging costs.

· Special stipends may be available.

How will I know if I’ve been selected?

The Program Committee will contact chosen presenters by e-mail (or by phone if no e-mail address is available) by January 31, 2007. It is expressly understood that the presentation may be scheduled at any time on any of the conference dates at the discretion of the conference organizers.

Note: All copies of handouts and materials will be the responsibility of the presenter. Please be prepared to send your materials in electronic format to accommodate attendees who require alternative formats.
PROPOSAL DUE DATE: By the end of business day, November 15, 2006

Please send proposals (via e-mail, mail, or fax) and address all questions to:

Lori Israel
MegaConference Program Committee
c/o The Arc of Tennessee
151 Athens Way, Ste 100
Nashville Tennessee 37228
Phone: 615.248.5878 x18
Fax: 615.248.5879

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