MAPPED Project Announcement

MAPPED is a project to develop travel assistance technologies that are disabled friendly.

Project Description:

Many disabled users are prevented from accessing functionally and socially important activities such as shopping, visiting public parks, theatres etc. because of a lack of real-time accessibility knowledge. Currently the simplest of excursions can involve military scale planning to ensure that the planned journey is feasible.

MAPPED will provide users with the ability to plan excursions from any point to any other point, at any time, using public transport, their own vehicle, walking, or using a wheelchair, taking into consideration all their accessibility needs. In addition to this, MAPPED will provide the users with location-based services tailored to their accessibility needs.

To meet these goals MAPPED will incorporate:

  • 1. a multi-modal route planner that allows for disability specific routing information and reservation of accessibility services

  • 2. Geographically indexed accessibility information

  • 3. disabled friendly mobile user interfaces MAPPED will "develop an intelligent system that will empower persons with disabilities to play a full role in society and to increase their autonomy".
  • It therefore fits squarely the specific objectives of strategic objective, eInclusion. MAPPED will be clustered with ASK-IT (Ambient Intelligence System of Agents for Knowledge-based and Integrated services for Mobility Impaired Users), an Integrated Project that aims to develop an Ambient Intelligence (AmI) space for the integration of functions and services for Mobility Impaired (MI) people across various environments, enabling the provision of
    personalised, self-configurable, intuitive and context-related applications and services and facilitating knowledge and content organization and processing. In order to develop a system with the potential to become a European standard for providing this information, we will establish four major demonstration sites in separate countries: the County of Hampshire UK, and the City of Dublin

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