Dr. Scott Rains Selected for Zero Divide Fellowship

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Scott Rains, publisher of The Rolling Rains Report, has been elected as a member of the 2005-2007 class of the ZeroDivide Fellowship.

The ZeroDivide Fellowship is the inaugural program of the ZeroDivide Leadership and Advocacy Institute, designed to build a network of community leaders who promote and effectively engage in community technology, telecommunications, and technology policy. The ZFellows engage in a three-year program of leadership development, policy advocacy and technology training, complete a community advocacy project, and share their knowledge and experiences through mentoring activities.

The ZeroDivide Fellowship focuses on strengthening the critical individuals that are the vital links between organizations and communities. The goal is to cultivate leaders who will shape the field of community technology, pioneer schools of thought and impact a community technology movement that benefits underserved communities and improves their quality of life.

The Fellowship emphasizes creative and on-going learning with a strong emphasis on experiential learning, small group work, strategic thinking and dialogues that accommodate diverse needs both in technology and culture. The curriculum follows this ouline: http://zerodivide.org/initiatives/overview

ZeroDivide Goals

  • To create opportunities for underserved communities in California to leverage technology to transform information into social justice action.
  • To support design and integration of information technology into practice to improve social and economic conditions.
  • To facilitate partnerships among and between government, industry, small business,organized labor, and community based organizations to provide leadership to the community technology movement.
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