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Below is a brief outline of an upcoming talk Scott Rains will be giving on inclusive travel.

Request for Research Assistance

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Eric Heyrman is researching transportation policy. He has an interest is the impact of social movements on public policy on transportation.

The Center on Disability Studies (CDS) is a University of Hawai‘i Board of Regents recognized Center focused upon development and conduct of interdisciplinary education/training, research/demonstration and evaluation, and university and community service.

Society for Disability Studies

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The Society for Disability Studies (SDS) is the only scholarly society devoted to disability studies as a field.

The Canadian Centre on Disability Studies is a consumer-directed, university affiliated centre dedicated to research, education and information dissemination on disability issues.

Through their activities they promote full and equal participation of people with disabilities in all aspects of society.

Disability Studies Online Magazine

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Disability Studies Online Magazine is a readily accessible resource on disability studies.

CDS is an interdisciplinary centre for teaching and research in the field of disability studies at the University of Leeds (England). The Centre incorporates and develops the work of the Disability Research Unit (DRU) and aims to promote international excellence within the field.

The DRU was originally established in 1990 within the Department of Sociology and Social Policy as a research unit for the British Council of Disabled People (BCODP).

The Disability Studies in the Humanities list serve and collection of online resources is an excellent resource for information sharing.

The Mission of the Center for Recreation and Disability Studies of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is to design and conduct exemplary research, training, and demonstration projects in the areas of recreation and disability.

A Disability Studies Academic Community DISC offers the opportunity for exchanging and locating information about research, teaching, resources, texts, program and syllabi development, professional opportunities, funding sources, and access guidelines.