Ideas fly through this narrow strip of Blogspace like quarks in a linear accelerator. Come the weekend, I usually realize that they have about the same half-life as their real-life analogs.

Now, someone with a more scientific bent would examine these ideas as data. They would look for patterns. Then they would form a theory. They would test it.

Not me.

I’m an educator and a writer; a part-time theologian. And it seems that I alternate between one identity or the other. Most weeks I plan classes and events. I place items in order for action. I deal in lists. If an idea is good, it shows up on next week’s Action List.

This week offered a particularly rich feast for intellectual action. Today gratitude -- for another week received and well-lived -- calls for a simpler act. Remembrance:

  • John Emerson distinguished between barrier-free design, universal design and assistive technology.

  • Anne Galloway captured some essential differences between communities and networks.

  • Alberto Vasquez-Figeroa provided food for reflection on sustainable tourism.

  • Abe Hopper imported an exciting new piece of assistive technology in the USA.

  • Sarah Conner provided her own moving obituary.

  • Marcus Ormerod facilitated the design of things that make us want to life to the fullest.

  • The “other” WTO explained its role in the global order.

  • Barcelona rose to the top of the “Hot Destination of the Week List” with the announcement of a conference on sustainable tourism.
  • Phil Cousineau’s presentation from last week set the stage for more thinking on religiously-motivated travel.
  • Next week’s Action List?

  • A theological reflection. (In narrative format!)
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