Vexel Quovis?

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All I Want for Christmas is a Vexel Quovis

Itís beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Miles of holiday lights dripping from the eaves of homes. Acres of Christmas tree forests springing up in handicapped parking spaces across America.

In the spirit of economy-priming consumption I have decided to share my Wish List with you. Actually, this will come in two parts. Part 1 will be gifts for me. Part 2, so you donít think Iíve completely forgotten the spiritual side, will combine a gift list for others with a set of New Yearís resolutions I intend to make.

Letís start with the practical gifts. Look at the weather. Itís getting cold. I need a new jacket.

I grew up in Seattle. So, naturally, I go to REI (Recreational Equipment Incorporated)when I need something like this. After drifting over to the short course on outdoor clothing at Outside Away I think Iíd recognize a good jacket if one found its way under my tree.

Itís the rainy season. My hands slip on the wheelchair push rims.

The best place Iíve found for half finger gloves is Rolli-Moden. I found a lot of other tempting items there too. Guess I need a copy of Rolli-Modenís catalog
And itís going to get wetter as we spend the holidays in the Washington Stateís Olympic Rainforest.

So Iíve been eyeing the Access Liner and Shell boots at the Vulpine web site. But I think Iíll also need a pair of these giant beach tires from the Tremor wheelchair to go mudding down the trail.

Iím sure warmer days are coming.

Waterskiing was never my forte. Maybe Iíd do better sitting on Quickieís Kanski . Even if I never master that watersport, I do want to spend a week at Clearwater House on Hat Creek when fishing season opens. Of course, thatís provided somebody sees it on my wish list and gives it to me as a Christmas present. Guess Iíll have to pull out the vise & hackle pliers and start tying more flies as a hint to Santa Claus.

When summer comes, Iíll need to be ready for the sun and the beach.

What I want is a wheelchair that wonít sink to its axles in the sand. So I went straight to Hank Weseman, Jr's Beach Cruzr site. Looks good! But then I made the mistake of looking at all the other choices in the Wheelchairs and Beach Access section of Don Krebsí Access to Recreation site. Now I donít know which one I want.

At the Abilities Expo I saw the stair-climbing, gyroscope-toting iBot wheelchair. Impressive! Spinning around on a level floor, perched up on only two wheels, it looks as agile as something from the Nutcracker Suite. I tried out its little sibling, the iGlide wheelchair. Responsive, and a nice break from pushing my full weight around all day. Alas, I fell in love and these two had no chance. My macho heart was stolen by that HumVee of outdoor wheelchairs, Permobilís Trax wheelchair.

No, I have never been the practical one in the family.

Of course to carry any of these chairs Iíd have to retire my hybrid gas/electric Toyota Prius before its time and buy a van. Iíve never been practical Ė but I am resourceful! So Iíve contacted the Vexel Quovis manufacturer in Spain to see if I can be the first one on my block to have one in Banana Slug Yellow. On this unique little vehicle a ramp drops down from the rear allowing the driver to roll right in and drive from a wheelchair. This cute little vehicle can get 100 miles per gallon and it looks like it will fit in spaces even a Mini Cooper would pass up!

Thatís my list for Santa. Coming in Part 2: a few gifts I hope to give to others and some resolutions worth keeping.

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